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As Whisk Products surpasses the midway point in their eighth decade of cleaning hands, they’ve partnered with Legends to review and update their marketing materials to reinforce their products’ well-earned reputation for providing a superb hand cleaning experience.

Case Study
Whisk Company

A great deal of planning goes into each and every communication collateral and digital design project.

We designed for social media.

Online Whisk Ads

Whisk Flyer Design - process video

We’ve created new packaging directions that speak to the differing appeal of Whisk Industrial hand cleaning products and luxury foaming hand soaps. At same time, we’re bringing an updated approach to the brand in social media and product communications.  

Unique Brand Opportunities for Manufacturers

Our experienced team of sales and marketing professionals provide you a strong reliable voice in the marketplace. We have a reputation for dependability, follow through, and deep industry knowledge that works to reinforce your brand’s legitimacy in the field. We bring broad experience in both sales and manufacturing to the table. 

Cash in on new markets.

We’re ideally situated to present you and your brand in the best possible light in distributor, B2C retail, and B2B national markets. We excel at lead generation and offer online and retail sales solutions that up till now may have seemed out of reach or impractical. 

A partner literally invested in your success.

We provide a strong and unique suite of marketing services ranging from brand development to cutting-edge digital, video and print content. We target all of these resources at distinguishing your brand and capturing your target audience. Best of all, our commission-based marketing pricing model ensures that we're as committed to increasing your revenue as you are. We offer you a risk-reduced pathway to market dominance. 

Let us put our team's resources to work for you!

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