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Storage and fulfillment services

Legends sets itself apart from the competition by offering warehousing services to our manufacturer partners who utilize both our marketing and sales services. We have an office and warehouse located in Brookfield, WI that has 5,250 sq ft of warehouse space. We can scale the amount of warehouse space depending on customer needs. The warehousing services that we offer are:

1. Storage: We can provide secure, temperature-controlled storage space for a variety of products

2.  Order fulfillment: We can manage the process of fulfilling orders for customers, including receiving, picking, packing, and shipping products.

3. Inventory management: We can help you track and manage your inventory levels, including receiving, storing, and tracking inventory.

4. Transportation: We can help coordinate the movement of goods to and from your facilities.

5. Value-added services: We can offer additional services such as kitting, packaging, labeling, and assembly to add value to the products you are storing and handling.

6. Security: We have security measures in place to protect the goods you are storing, including surveillance, alarms, and secure access controls.

Our flexible approach:

We recognize the importance of being flexible. That’s why we’ve created multiple ways for you to access our warehouse services such as:

1. Square footage: pricing based on the amount of space occupied in the warehouse.

2. Pallet storage: pricing based on the number of pallets stored in the warehouse.

3. Pick and pack fees: pricing based on each item that is picked and packed for shipping.

4. Handling fees: pricing based on each item that is received, handled, or shipped from the warehouse.

5. Value-added services: pricing based on additional services such as kitting, packaging, labeling, and assembly.

Please Note: You need to be a manufacturer partner who utilizes both our marketing and sales services to take advantage of our warehousing services.

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